It was the last day of school in the eighth grade. I just realized that it's a week until the exam. Everyone was stressed and I was at the top of the list. I was most afraid of math exam because everyone knew that I'm very good and had great expectations, maybe too big. I didn't realize when came on Friday. I still felt that I'm not ready. Sunday, I said that I didn't learn anything but I didn't respect my decision. In the evening before the Romanian language exam I didn't close any eyes but to my surprise, I felt more rested as ever. It was very easy at Romanian language. I corrected myself and didn't mistake anything at the grammar. I started to be more optimistic but I exaggerated a little. I wasn't stressed at the math exam, but something terrible happened. Because I encircling something, I had to rewrite all work in five minutes. I finished at the last minute. I can say that I have lucky.