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I am not the same

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Dear dairy,
I know I havenít written in a long time, but this adventure by the adge of the sea  really changed me. While I was taking the decisions, I could feel how it has already changing me. It molded me into a better self, a better shape of what I once was. The self confidence grew, the overthinking of what people saw when their eyes lingered on me dispersed, now I am not afraid to say that this is how I am. I did not care anymore, I gave up on stressing myself over everything for a few week, I had the chance to become a new person, to start over. My eyes were drowned in happiness and excitement rather than fear and depressing feeling. I was out of my cage, I could fly again.  I was a free bird with no restrainments to keep me down.
But the feeling was only for a moment, even if I did not want for it to end. I had to leave it there, as I came back home only little parts of positive energy that were flickering in my blood. After two weeks of being home and not feeling the same energy and happiness, I realized that I was not alright and that I have to regain that feeling, to uplift myself from the state of mind that destroy me in and out.
I have to realize what made me feel that way and start making it a state of mind. I have to do this all by myself, because otherwise this will be only  temporary and  I need it forever.

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Hello, dear stranger! Your composition is nice even tough I don't know what made you feel that kind of positive energy. I like how you choose the words. However, about the subject, I can say that this kind of feelings everyone has. Sometimes you feel like you're on top of the world and sometimes you feel like you are the only person on Earth. What you have to do is to keep trying on doing those things that gave you good vibes. Wish you the best, another stranger  :jumping:



I like your story but I would have enjoy it even more if you told as what happened that made you change and if you put a little more description.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » I am not the same