In ... summer holiday, we have proposed to spend a day and a night together. The two friends with which I had to spend my time was Mara and Diana. Because Diana was home alone, we decided to sleep at her ...... . We met at 10 am. The first thing which we did was to put the money together. We had quite a lot. I said to have lunch at KFC. We went to the station and when we take tickets, the seller didn't want to give us tickets for students and hasn't rest on a larger banknote. I didn't have too many stations so we went without tickets because we didn't expect to climb a controller. But he climb... so I took the first fine. We paid it on the spot and went further. We have arrived, we ate and we've made some shopping. Because ....... was very hot outside we went to the pool. At a certain time I saw an ambulance. It had come for a girl who gave up his head by the corner of the pool. After seeing all of them we went home to Diana and we slept. We woke up at 20 o'clock and went outside. We bought some stuff to make a slime. Nothing came out. We walked until 23 o'clock. After we met with another five friends and we play... monopoly until 2 o'clock in a block of stairs. Meanwhile we ordered food and Mara went out to take it and she escaped it. The great thing hasn't resisted and we ate bread and pate from a friend David. Diana brought her laptop and we watched at horror movies, after which the boys made all sorts of bad jokes. We were very afraid and we didn't let them go home until it lit up. It was a weird night.

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