Dear diary , today we gave our christmas  gifts to school. 🎁I searched ...... them in all the libraries from Iasi ..... colleague who dropped my wish book in the raffle.
   I got to school , the class teacher came and we started sharing our gifts. My colleague was very pleased with the gift  I gave him and followed me to receive the gift. There came to me a colleague I dropped at ..... raffle, gave me a box with a darling foundation and told me to open it quickly
      In a few moments I discovered a guineea pig , small and scared.  I like the gift very much , I called it Gimy, I took him to the home and let him play , but in a moment  of inattention he rode. Scared and ran up to the canteen , where when they saw ......, .... children they called for consumer protection, believing that a rat ..... came out of the kitchen.
      Some girls ....... scared so hard they climbed ...... the table.
      Finally I found him at the place having fun . E cleared everyone and told them that he was actually a guineea pig who escaped and I came back wirh him convinced  that he had to I oversee it more! 😃

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