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Dear diary

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Dear diary, today I had a very lucky day.
My history teacher had scheduled as a test and me feeling unprepared decided not to go to the first few hours ( drowing and history) . I woke up at 9: 20 , I drink a hot chocolate and I starting to prepare my self for school. At 9:40 am. I go to school.
On my way I prepare all kinds of texts for the guard to let me goto this class, but to my joy when I arived the gate was open and the guard was not there.
I'm entered in the school yard and I waited for the teacher to come out. In the end he goes out and  I headed for the class where I had to find out that the teacher did not have the catalog , he did not put me absent, nor did he notice my back.
  Than my coleagues told me they did not do the first class.
   I was getting ready to get an exemption.
   From the third hour everything it was normal like any other monday  and I was glad I escaped so easily.



I'm very glad you missed the hour of history, sometimes you do not have to (voluntarily) come to that hour of terror, where anything can happen! Anytime! You were lucky with the guardian, the absent, the teacher ! Bravo! By the way , Ileana Vulpescu said ”Everything you have to have luck in life, but especially in people . ” I hope I gave you some inspiration, I'm on the philology profile, why not? Kisses



You were so lucky you were not at the time of history. I think you're getting bored too, are not you? Knowing always Monday will be boring obositors, nothing interesting happens.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Dear diary