It was a beautiful day of summer. All that hurts this day, was very early 6 o'clock morning. We all greet of sights or not even that because we go more with eyes closed. After six hours of sleeping, we was full of energy and the problems started. Just as problems didn't affects us but teachers very angry who would have wanted to get us out. I don't want to go into details, but of the first stop, the first child has been lost and we had to go back to him. He was very scared but I don't understand why. Meaning that's not like it we would left him in a cave. The first stop was made in a park. He could become friend with someone and to share a shaorma or a leaf. After which we recovered the victim, we continued the road and haven't made any stop until the first tourist point which was a zoo. The funny side was that all animals looked like my best friend. In finally, we arrived at the hotel. That place is the reason for which I go in trips. I know that it sounds strange, but I don't go in trips for visit, but to have fun with my friends. Why don't understand those from museums that I don't really care about anything from what they say because that's .......... I learn at school. Returning, because ........ was some ten girl inseparable, was given to as an apartment with three room..... . The first time, we filled the bed with food and beverage ( to say juice ). A barbecue was made, we ate and after we were notified as of 10 o'clock will open the disco and we are invited down. We had fun. Pity that everything was over at 12. We returned to the rooms where we ate everything and we started to make nonsenses : we were scaring younger children, we fired with a mattress on the emergency stairs, was to flood the bathroom, we broke the key and many other things. In the morning, we went again to the road and throughout the day we visited other boring places. In the evening we was housed again at the hotel and the fun has continued there.
         It was a wonderful trip.

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