It was a summer morning. Me and other friends, we went outside to play anything.
  After we played many games, we went for a bike ride. We organized races and we played "The policemEN and thieVES" It was very exciting and funny.
  We were tired, and I had an idea! I could bring my sling, and we could throw to a target. After I bring it, we started to throw little rock AT A TARGET DRAWN ON A WALL.
  But, after a time we were bored, so we AGREED to drop the little rocks in balconIES of the apartements. But when I shot AT A window of the four floor, BY my mistake, the window WAS broke. I was very scared.
  I did not say anything to anyone . But after A few days, the neighbours who had the broken window, spoke with my father and he find out all what happened. So, he has to pay that window and he punish me more than if i tell all in that moment and that day ( when i broke the window). So i learned a lesson that day... And I WILL NEVER  forget this... :)

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