My opinion about my friend, Alex is this. I think is a good boy, and he can be helpful. He has 14 years old and he play football. I love football too, but he play much better than me. Sometimes we play football together with athore friends, and he play awesome. Well, sometimes he is pride cause of that (goals) and can be very annoying.
   Fortunetly, we undestand each other. I can be annoying if I want, too.  :P
   Sometimes we play on the play-stasion together some games . Some of them are fantastic, and we can play to infinite. Well, almost...
   We make jokes on each  other, but good jokes, so we don't fell bad. We speak on the internet, and play on the smartphone multiplayer games. We watch on football match on TV, together, even if we didn't understand sometimes.
   When he is furious, you better go because can be strike anything. I can't calm him anytime, but he can calm down after few minutes...
    We have a lot of things in common, and for this reason we understand.
   In conclusion, Alex is a good boy, with good propreties and shortcomings, but it is my friend and we must help and understand each other.