Dear Mr Brown,

I am writing to you with great interest, having the intention of asking you some information about the university that you run. Your Medical University seems to be what I am looking for my studies because I really want to be a doctor in one day and I really wish to have the possibility to be to be prepared here. I believe that I would not disappoint you and I could rise to the level your prestigious university.
Firstly, I want to know more about the campus. For example, give me some details about where is in the town (near the train station, mall, library etc), the distance from university, the program. Also the total cost that I will have to pay for living in your campus, as well for studying in your institution.
Secondly, I would like to ask about if scholarships are awarded to students with very good grades, and if the answer is yes, I would like you to tell me what the sum is and what conditions must be met in order to receive the scholarship.
Thank you for making time to read my letter.

With respect,