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long distance relationships

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The subject of "Long distance relationships" is controversial today. Are you against or for them? In my opinion, they are not good for many reasons
   Firstly if in a normal relationship partners can easily see when they go through difficult moments, long-distance relationships do not benefit from this. You will always need a hug, kiss from your partner, what can not happen through the internet or the phone..The two can only talk on the phone. I think that this diminishes at one point the feelings because everyone needs someone next to him and not the phone. After more time spent without each other, the relationship will be affected
    Secondly, everyone will be afraid of being cheated .......... . No matter how much you love a person, when you are at a distance, you often wonder if they do it or not. In a distance relationship there is only a feeling of trust but not entirely. You will always have doubts because you do not know exactly what your partner is doing. Partners can lie to each other at any time. If you are a jealous person, this will even worse the trust of one another.I also think that when you have a long distance relationship you do not know your partner as well as in a normal relationship. You will not fully know their behavior in different situations and habits. You may have a surprise when you sit together.
    However (deşi) I am  against long distance relationships, they also have advantages ....... the fact that the distance can strengthen the love between the two.
    In conclusion, I consider that the disadvantages of remote relations....... are multiple, which lead to failure every time.

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Hey, butterfly09! Good composition . I think you're right . A long distance relationship can't work very well , but I think is a solution in the case that the partner , at some point , decided to go , for a short period of time , like 2-3 years , to a specialization course , or Erasmus . In that case , long distance relationships can work, thinking that , in some point the parners will be agains toghether . And , as you anticipated , that extra distance can strenghten the relationship .


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » long distance relationships