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Dear Mr Brown,

I am writing to you in regard to the available position in your staff I had read about on the internet. I would like to apply for the obstetrician post and I believe that I am the perfect candidate for this job for a number of reasons.
I graduated the University of Medicine and Farmacy  ”Gr. T. Popa”  from Iasi, Romania, at the section of Ginecology and Obstetrics. I would like to make known that being  an obstetrician had been my dream since I was a child. Since graduating from the university, until now I have had the opportunity to work for a few private hospitals and clinics both in the country and abroad. The last busy post was in the pre-natal baby section, a private hospital from Portugal. After carefully consulting the requirements of your clinic post, I can say that it respects both the professional and moral requirements for this post.
I want to have the chance to work in your company, where I can highlight my intellectual capabilities and the experience I have gained (according to the attached CV) to fulfill the tasks and goals of the organization and my career development.
If you consider my motivation and qualification to be good for a place in your company, I am available at any time to be contacted to discuss the details of a possible collaboration.

Respectfully yours,



I like that your letter of application is concise and straightforward. I like the way you that you have expressed personal and practical reasons why you should qualify for the job.. Your essay seems diverse and honest . As a hospital manager  I would totally consider hiring you.



That’s a good application! I liked what you said about med school! The grammar is very good but I think you should have said more about your hobbies!😃


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Practical stuff » application