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letter of complaint

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Dear Sir or Madam,
   I am writing to express my strong diss...tisfaction with the services provided by your restaurant ,The Golden Circle ....... [spune cand]. I hope that you will give this matter your prompt attention.
   To begin with , I would like to stress that all of our food has been[in povestire, doar past simple] served cold or microwaved which I find unacceptable for a restaurant with such 'great" reviews. Both mine and my husband...s main course were ..... cold as ice , and as far as I am concerned I have ordered a pea soup not a gazpacho ,whitch is ,by the way , a type of soup that is served cold.
   Secondly, I am also writing to express my strong disaproval concerning the offensive bahaviour of an employee. Disregarding the temp...reture of our meals , our orders have been taken wrongly as my husband requested a rare beef stake without onions ,as he happens to be alergic to them , and recieved his beef well-done , blend and covered with onion rings. What I would like to highlight is not the incapacity of the waiter here, but his at...itude when we informed him of his mistake as he was rude and disrespectful.
   To put it simple , I believe that you should seriouslly re-asses your serving methods as well as re-train your staff to treat customers with respect and patience no matter what. We have recieved support from other dissatisfied clients , some who claim to have felt sick after eating at your restaurnat ,multiple times. Ther...fore , I trust this matter will not be treated lightly and we feel that we are entitled to a refund as well as a written appology for the way we have been treated.

  Yours faithfully,
        Sarah Harvey

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I thing that you need to know that the name ''The Golden Circle" is the name of the wonderful squeal from the Kingsman franchise.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » letter of complaint