Dear Mr,

I am writing this letter to express my disappointment in the treatment me received in your restaurant last night.
...........[in primul rand,] I didnít have a lot of meals to choose from. In fact, only four different meals were available at that time products and I was obliged to change my mind and .......... lobster instead of non-vegetarian food. I had a rezervation 2 days ago and I said what I want... to eat.
Secondly, I really think the food or the ingredients was expireted, because I have a toxin-food infection and I've vomited what I've gotten to your restaurant. This is not possible, I thought you were serious.
Furthermore, I would also like to complain about your attention to customer orders. Although on the phone I specified that I am ........ vegetarian, I was served with non-vegetarian food.
Clearly, the biggest problem was the food. The staff need to be better and pay attention to orders. I was ......... very pleased with our services and will not be able to eat there in the future.


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