Dear Sir or Madam,

   I am writing in response to your advertisement ,which has recently been published in the English Today magazine. ................ [I believe I am...]
   As you will see from my attached CV,I have spent the last year at the local branch of a Global Travel Agency. My main duties include talking on the phone with partners abroad,as well as promoting our offers and discussing with our customers in order to provide the best servicies. Very often,because of the large number of requests, it is necessary for me to work overtime ,even though I am great at organising my work and prioritising my tasks. Therefore ,in light of my efficient work, I have recently been promoted. As for my language skil...s,I would say I am proficient in English ,since most of my communication with customers is done in this language and furthermore I will attach to the end of my application a certificate which I optained in French.I have strong abilities in computer usage as I mainly interact with people by means of email and skype.
   I am interested in a more dynamic work environment and , given the experience I have a...quired , I consider myself equip...ed to rise for the challenge offered by the position of receptionist at you... hotel. I will be available anytime for an interview which might be convinient for you. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

  Your faithfully,
          Sarah Harvey.

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