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Unusual Places

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Last year I  went with my friends on a trip in Germany because we’ ve heard of some areas that are not as well known as we should and we thought we must make a visit.
The first place we visited there was The Rizzi House, known as The Happiest House in the World. A building was painted in some strident colors by the artist, in order to look like children's artwork. Although it seems like a kind of naive art, I learned that the artist has done a lot of work in this creation, the house being named after him.Young people and especially kids appreciate this art, but the elderly are not as pleased as they should be.
       The second place we visited was a blue-painted wall with various musical instruments attached to it. We were lucky because when we arrived it just started to rain and when drops of water fell into those instruments, everything turned into music.
       The third place, and the most beautiful of all that I visited was Devil's Bridge. Despite its name, the bridge has a stunning, semi-circular construction and its reflection in the water forms a wonderful circle, regardless of the point of observation. This is also the favorite place for photographers, because they can surprise a wonderful natural scenery.
        While we were heading back to London, we looked at the pictures we made and we decided to come back again next summer!



I think the places you described are beautiful, but my favorite one is definitely The Rizzi House. I like the idea of children's artwork and the joy that strident colors create. I hope I will visit this place one day. Very interesting composition. Congratulations!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Unusual Places