Dear Mr.Matthews,

I am writing in connection to the unexpected and deplorable service that I have recieved at your restaurant recently, at the beginning of the year. I believe that you should make serious decisions about the cleanliness of the place and, as well, about the staff members for a number of reasons.

First of all, I would like to inform you about the bad smell that we felt even before entering the door. It intensified after we got in, making it impossible to enjoy anything. Also, the warmth of the place was missing, it was nearly cold inside, the available tables were all full of leftovers that people had left there, and the chairs were not in a good condition, either.

Second of all, we had to wait thirty minutes for our table to be cleaned up and, if it was not uncomfortable enough already,  the waiter made us wait for the menus more than it is acceptable, showing none a bit of respect. As our food finally came, we noticed the dirt and the dust our glasses of water were covered in. When we asked for new ones, the waiter told us rudely that it was not his business to accept our ”airs and graces”.

All things considered, I hope you will fix these serious problems and teach the waiters some manners, otherwise we will never come to your restaurant again for sure.



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