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"The beautiful guesthouse"

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I didnít have lots of disgusting experiences, but I could describe a place that was horrible from all points of view. It must be clear that you canít judge a book by its cover and the Internet can make mistakes about places, things, and even people.
About 6-7 years ago I was with my parents in the mountains of Romania. They found a nice cozy guesthouse on a site where we could stay overnight. The exterior looks good but when we arrived and got our room I realized that the owner had invested more on the outside than on the inside or at least, this hadn't been among his concerns for a long period of time.
I was walking in the room when I came across a disgusting smell, which was most likely caused by dampness, all sorts of garbage and because the windows had not been opened for a long time. At least it seemed like it. I noticed the beds that were arranged but the underlinen and the towels were far from being clean. Another cause of unpleasant smell. I opened the door to the balcony and it seems like I did not miss a surprise here either. The balcony was full of cigarette butts thrown all over. I could see with my naked eye that she hadn't swept in a long time, not talking about mopping. The bathroom was also under expectations: the dirty mirror, the dirt was present here too, the shower looks terrible and the list of irregularities can continue. There wasnít anything that could save the place.
My parents were very angry, so they went down to the reception to ask for another room, explaining to the lady that you couldnít stay there more than five minutes and that should be changed.
I went into the next room, but that place was not really habitable, so I went to another hospitable guesthouse with much better conditions without fighting with the owner.

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I know how you felt. I've been through a similar situation and I know from experience that it really sucks.



I'm very sorrry you had to experience such a disgusting stay at that guesthouse. Even though, I must admit that your wide range of vocabulary has made me feel like I was in those rooms too, which I find a very good quality of a writer, to make people feel like they're taking part in the action. I see you have some corrected mistakes already, so I don't have to say anything about the wrong spelling or the grammar issues. Great job and keep going! :)


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » "The beautiful guesthouse"