Dear  Mr.William,
    Iím writing  this letter to express my disappointment for how me and my friend were treated in your restaurant last night.
.......At first, when we  arrived we were shocked  to find out that the table we ..had..... booked in advance was already taken by somebody else, so we had to sit just in front of the toilets. We demanded an explanation from our waiter but we were surprised by his rather gruff reply.
     Secondly, we didnít have many meals to choose from. In fact, only four different meals were available at  that time due to a lack of products and we were obliged to change our minds and to order steak instead of lobster. Furthermore, I would also like to complain about the incompetence of your staff. There was pepper all over my dish even though we had mentioned that I was allergic. On top of that, your waiter tried to put the blame on us, claiming  we had never informed him about my allergies.
   Clearly, the biggest problem was the staff. They need to be better trained in dealing with customers and they need to learn some manners. I hope that  next time when we visit your restaurant , all of this issues will have been tended .ing.. and we wish to have a better experience.

                                                                                                                                                    Your's... faithfully client

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