Dear Mr.Principal,

I am writing to you to inquire about the educational offer of the high school that you run. I would like to apply for a place at this high school due to rumors I have heard about its good preparation of students and professional and qualified teachers. As well, I believe that  I would be a suitable student for your high school, fact proved by my excellent grades and multiple prizes that I won at school contests.

Firstly, I would like to ask about the schedule of classes and campus. Also, it would be more than perfect if you could give me some information about the food provided by school, if there is any place like a cafeteria where students can eat, and the fee that is required to be paid to study here and live in the campus.

Secondly, I would be interested in knowing about scholarship, the opportunities to benefit of it, such as outstanding grades and social aid, and the amount of money that it provides in either case. It would be very helpful, as well, if you could inform me about the extracurricular activities that students can attend to in school, such as chorus and clubs of theatre, reading and volunteering.

All been said, I am looking forward to your response.Thank you for making time to read my letter.