Dear diary,

I am going to Holland this year and I am so excited!! Why? Because I am going to stay in Amsterdam and Rotterdam for 4 days. I am going with some of my friends and we want to visit ďAmsterdam ArenaĒ . I am scared because I hate planes in general and this is the first time I am going in another country without my parents,but God I am relieved that they are not coming. I have to get my parents gifts like pictures and other stuff.
But now let me tell you about the present. I am going to a party tonight but I didnít tell my parents about it. I really wanna go because all my friends are going.
I have problems with my parents because they donít know what I am going through. I have problems at school because I donít know things at some subjects like at history I know nothing about Stefan cel Mare. They donít understand that a kid is not good at everything. And then they found out that I threw a party when they werenít at home,
So I think thatís all for this page. I will have other problems that I am going to tell you here!

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