Dear diary,

                I was amazed when it was my birthday and I got a big shock when I found my favourite make up!!In the shiny wrapping paper I saw the epic gift I was feeling extra happy and nearly fainted. It  was sooooo fun when my family came to see me and gave me more presents.In the afternoon Miruna came to play with my make up and to create some fabulous looks. Me and Miruna known each other for 7 years. We met at kindergarten when we were in lunch break and she wanted my apple. I told her that if she gave me her juice box I will gave her my apple. And then I found out that she loves “Snow white” like me!! But sometimes I hate her. She thinks that she is better than me and I just want to punch her in the face but then I remember that she is my best friend. She gave me for this birthday a nice necklace that I really wanted. It’s super cute and it has written “BFF” which means “Best friends forever”!! I loved my birthday and I love my family and friends! I wish everyone has this kind of people in their life!❣‼

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