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Should teenagers drive a car as soon as possible

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Driving a car is not a thing to play thing. Our world has become dependent on all the means of transport, but more on cars. It is accessible to drive your own car that can lead you wherever you wish, providing you comfort. Even though cars are everywhere and more and more people get one, I do not believe that teenagers should drive as soons as possible.
     Firstly, teenagers are often reckless and irresponsible. Making a driver out of a teenager means putting his own life, and others lives, in his/hers hands, thing that means a lot too much responsibility on the shoulders of a child who has not found a path in his/hers life yet. Giving them a car may increase the number of car accidents, as they do not react well in conditions of traffic stress or in conditions of sadness and anger. They are still finding ways to control themselves, as they are teenagers, not experienced enough, so they should not get out in the streets caring lives in their own hands.
     Secondly, giving them a car also means starting a new trend among them, a trend that not everybody will afford. If all teenagers would be allowed to drive a car, mostly all of them will want to. With this occasion they may slightly lose interest in studying, as they will be concerned with getting the driving license and their car. Also, as not all teenagers will afford getting a car, that will increase materialism among teenagers even more.
     It is true that for some parents it would be easier if their son/daughter had a driving license so that they will not be constantly required to take them to all the places they need to go to, but it is a small advantage compared to all the bad situations that may turn out later.
     In conclusion, teenagers should wait for a decent age in order to get their driving license and respond for their own lives in traffic.



While I agree with teenagers waiting for the right time to learn how to drive a car, I also think that a teenager can have enough maturity and responsability to drive a car without puting him or anyone else in danger. Everyone is different, but 18 years is usually the average age at which teens become young adolescents and can be responsible enough on the road, but even this government-implied age restriction can vary . Some may not be ready to drive a car until they`re in their early 20`s , and some might be responsible enough to do it before being 18. In my opinion the decent age depends on circumstances and on how fast does an individual actually "grow up" mentally.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » Should teenagers drive a car as soon as possible