The aim of this report is to provide a description of my experience as an exchange student in Copenhagen last summer, taking into consideration various aspects in connection to the activities and the social integration.

Cultural Activities
Already renowned for its enormous cultural heritage, Copenhagen impressed with an astonishing number of museums and palaces, which conveyed a vivid image of Danish history. Having the imposing Palace of Parliament, the National History Museum and the Museum of Arts, this exchange programme proved to be the optimum opportunity for one to be given a lucid insight into a different culture. Moreover, oneís  integration into the local community is spurred, as language courses are at  foreign studentsí disposal for free.

Leisure Activities
Copenhagen proved to be the ideal city to experience this exchange programme. Not only is it the perfect place to relax due to its colourful picturesque streets and peaceful parks, but it is also matchless due to its buzzing nightlife. Numerous clubs and bars offer a plethora of choices in terms of music genres, so at no point would anyone get bored during the night.

Peopleís behaviour
I found the hosts to be supportive and attentive,  exactly as one could possibly expect. However, contrary to popular belief that an international environment would entail exclussively flexiblity and curiosity, the mixed cultural backgrounds have caused some discrepancies, and one could find oneself ,to some extent ,in cultural shock.

Conclusion and Recommendation

All in all, this exchange programme grants its beneficiaries the occasion to comprehensively experience the Danish life in all its salient aspects. Compared to my hostís visit in Romania last year, this one was more fruitful owing to the variety of activities . However, some improvements clearly need to be made if future students are to be fully satisfied with this programme. For example, general presentations illustrating the common practices of the Danes would be essential to erradicate any cultural shock that students might encounter.