As requested, the aim of this report is to evaluate Google’s main strengths and weaknesses, taking into consideration various aspects of the work life in this company, such as the organizational structure, health care and performance of the staff.

Organizational structure
Already renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities, Google has also impressed with an ingenious organizational scheme, enclosing the everyday work life within a sense of local community. Open spaces and meeting-rooms were dominant as the importance of social interaction at work was profoundly acknowledged, equating the academic constraints from being at work with the psychological need for genuine social interactions. Therefore, employees had distinctive places where they could discuss innovative ideas, laugh and mostly relax. However, one problem here was that the rooms where rather mixed and people could easily get lost. Also, in order to encourage employees’ productivity, morning standup meetings were introduced. Having implemented this idea, the productivity amongst the employees relentlessly soared, bolstering their confidence as well.

Keeping employees in good physical and psychological also proved to be one major interest of Google. Not only did the employees have unlimited access to the gym located exactly in the same building, but they could also eat, regardless of taste and preferences, various organic food and beverages at the local canteen. Additionally, they were required to take up to three weeks of holiday at any time of the year. Also, in order to sustain their mental health, frequent breaks during the day were allowed, so as employees could have time play Ping-Pong and socialize. Moreover, no stringent deadlines were imposed, employees having freedom to manage their time and priorities.

Performance and attitudes
On one hand, the directors, tutors and supervisors demonstrated exceptional professionalism. Not only did they consist as a reliable source of help and encouragement, but they also moulded employees’ ways of thinking, teaching them to have a problem solving mindset, to piece together apparent miscellaneous information in order to find out solutions to problems.
On the other hand, some colleagues were not like one would expect. Contrary to popular belief that an international environment would entail flexibility and curiosity, the variety of cultural backgrounds and interests caused discrepancies and conflicts between employees.

Conclusion and Recommendations
In conclusion, Google has nearly proved to be the ideal workplace, providing a rigorous organizational structure, reliable healthcare system and professional tutors that encourage new ideas, not stifle them. However, some improvements clearly need to be made if employees are to be fully satisfied with their job. For this reason, frequently organizing special meetings where the international employees could present their cultural background would eradicate the problem of overgeneralization and racism.