I am writing this proposal with regard to the announcement which invited recommendations on how the university’s 20 years of existence celebration could be organized. The information below contains details about the activities proposed, the food and the music.


Because both teachers and students will participate in this event, it would be appropriate to organize formal and informal activities, to get the best of both worlds. A formal presentation on the progress of our university would make us cast our minds back and acknowledge the tremendous advancement that the university made in 20 years of existence. The presentation should contain vivid photos and videos illustrating the technological advancements and the research opportunities along the years. Moreover, it would be great to invite “KTH University” alumnus Laurel Lance, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature, to the presentation to give an insight into how the heuristic approach of our university moulded her potential. After that, a party could be organized in our main campus, on which occasion students could socialize more informally with their teachers and relish their time together.

I fully recommend inviting every student to participate in the food preparation, even with minor contributions. In this way, not only would costs be reduced, but the ensuing  teambuilding activity would enable students to strengthen their relationships and simultaneously have fun.

Music plays an essential role in livening up the atmosphere, so it is crucial to make sure that music overlaps everybody’s taste. For this reason, every student should be surveyed on their musical taste, and a playlist should be created accordingly. Moreover, because numerous students in our college possess musical talent and haven’t got the chance to publicly show their skills, encouraging them to publicly perform would be an outstanding idea. Thus, this would deepen students’ appreciation for their colleagues and raise the awareness of each other’s talents.

In conclusion, I believe that these proposed plans would make our event memorable. The main advantage of this approach is that students would be provided with a plethora of activities to choose from, and that team spirit and relationships would be bolstered.