Dear Colleagues,

As commitioned by our manager, I am writing to bring to your attention that next week, on the 4Th of December, a general meeting is scheduled with the purpose of recording our company’s new advertisement. In this letter, I will make clear why this video is needed, what it will contain and what you will be required to do.

As advertisements play a tremendous role in titillating customers’ interest in a service or product, our company has an acute need for this type of video, considering the sagging demand for our digital signature platform. Not only would it stimulate people’s interest in our services and bolster our sales, but it would also offer a vivid insight into our intimate working atmosphere and the exact process of coding, testing and promoting. Therefore, the video will illustrate Penneo exactly as it is: an informal, yet professional, multinational company which hopes to circumvent today’s bureaucracy. It has been suggested that the video should include several iconic shots and interviews illustrating the ubiquitous dedication of the staff, never resentful to relinquish any responsibility.

While the filming is taking place, many of you will be recorded while doing your work, but be advised that this will not require you to do anything out of the ordinary. Hence, nobody should be concerned that this will be a stressful experience. However, what we do need is for some people to express their enthusiasm and volunteer to be interviewed in the film.

If there are any objections or suggestions regarding these issues, please do not hesitate to speak your mind. It is in our collective interest to make Penneo surpass our competitors, even in publicity.

Best regards,