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My grandfather's disgusting stable

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Last week I was visiting my grandparents with my family. When I was young I used to visit them more often, but now I don't like to go there to them because I don't really enjoy the place they live in and I get bored.
    After we stayed and talked with them, I went with my grandfather to feed the animals. The smell reached me before I entered the door, and when I entered my stomach turned completely upside down. All I saw was dung. The two cows were surrounded by manure, and their tails were scattering the dung everywhere because they were struggling in it. You couldn't see their hooves anymore because they were blocked by a thick layer of manure. The three pigs were in the same situation, maybe even worse. They were eating and trundling in their own shit, being extremely smelly and disgusting. The pigs had dirty noses of earth and their skin was black from so much dirt. The horses were a little more caring, but, also, they had dung at their feet, and they were trampling on it. The grass and all the straw in the stable were mixed with manure, and the walls were very filthy and bespattered with pee and animal excrement, having a very old and ugly look. The hens were hooting everywhere, and their legs were almost completely dipped in the manure. They were grubbing all that was on the floor, and their beaks were full of bran, dung and earth. Everything was a mix of dung. Wherever you looked, you saw only dung, and his "nice" smell stifles your eyes. Seriously, my eyes and my nose were bruised. That smell was terrible!
    All my grandfather's stable looked disgusting. Grandpa's boots became very dirty when he entered to the animals. He apologized to me that the stable was so filthy miserable, but he told me he didn't have time to clean up.

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I like your story, but I think that is not too much description and you didn't say anything about your feelings. Okay, I understand that you said that the smell reached you and you didn't like that smell, but you should have described how you felt in those moments. I don't know, to say something like: it was horrible, i thought i will die. This story is simple, but the idea is cool!! :***


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » My grandfather's disgusting stable