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What are the greatest advantages of digital and computer technology?

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Digital and computer technology is expected to become one of the most influential industries in the world, shaping te way we socialise, keep up with the news and even work. Much of its success is attributed to the practical solutions that permit us to communicate more effectively and so, I strongly believe that communication is the fundamental advantage of computer technology, rather than the possibility of accessing information, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, technology enormously sustains people’s mental health by enabling communication. Humans have the inherited urge to communicate and often strive for the psychological comfort of having genuine connections with their loved ones. As a result, products of the digital technology industry, such as mobile phones, not only overlap with people’s need for communication, but they also prevent them from developing metal health problems such as depression or anxiety. Furthermore, people’s mental health is also spurred by the feeling of security that mobile phones ensure. For example, physically abused children or terminally ill patients find alleviation in the possibility of asking for help whenever it is needed.

Secondly, IT&C brings businesses together. Not only are companies able to collaborate without having to spend money on transport, but they can also make a big profit from directly selling various IT products in any parts of the world, as they are unburdened by the physical distance. This considerable profit that companies make is subsequently taxed, so the local economy flourishes.

Admittedly, it is an advantage to effortlessly access any type of information, regardless of time and place. However, the information is scarcely reliable, being ubiquitously erroneous, full of fallacies and anecdotal evidence.

In conclusion, digital and computer technology has given us the phenomenal opportunity to easily connect with one another, to feel safe and loved. Although it is indubitable that it effectively grants access to information, the information is usually not correct. Not until we fully realize this industry’s potential, will we be able to comprehensively appreciate its astonishing realizations.



Hello, stefan479!it is very true that technology is an essential part of everyone's lives, from socializing to work. But even if technology is beneficial in some situations, it can also be responsible for the loss of national consciousness. Imagine that all people are connected to each other, sharing the same values. Therefore, technology may also impose a tendency for the person to limit himself, and to become very comfortable, having all the information at a single click. Even if I'm talking about the bad parts of technology development, imagine that right now  I'm writing from a laptop :)

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » What are the greatest advantages of digital and computer technology?