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an admirable person

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Last summer I decided with my friends to go to North Dakota for two weeks. Because We did not know the city very well, a couple we have met on the plane was kind enough to show us the surroundings.
         We all rented a trailer and we marked the route we were going to do over the next 14 days.After driving for a while, I noticed that we were getting closer and closer to Mount Rushmore and we were all very excited. We got out of the car and walked to the entrance of the touristic goal, when David and Jane, the two husbands whom we met, suddenly went to the opposite side of the mountain and head for a river. When we saw them hurry, we decided to go after them.
After a moment, we hear a baby crying, coming from a basket left to float on the water. Worried, we decided to call for help, but David returned as quickly as possible to the car and removed his climbing equipment. He made sure all the ties were tight and he entered the water without being interested in putting his life in great danger. We were all hoping he will be able to recover the baby and return to shore.
The currents were too big and they were both moving away from the shore and  we couldnít see them anymore. Jane was so scared for her husbandís life she started crying of fear. After a few moments, David caught up with a  rock and caught the baby. Shortly after, the help arrived, taking both of them, David and the baby, to the hospital.
It seems that the baby has been floated in the water for a while because his mother putted him there, but she was found and got arrested imediately.
        Jane and David decided to adopt him, wanting to give him a better life, and we all stayed with a very pleasant memory of that journey and were glad that we had the chance to meet a person who would risk his life to save someone else.



I think these kind of people are truly special because you definitely need to be brave to risk your life for a stranger, especially for the life of a completely helpless person. I hope there are many people who have the heart as big as David. I enjoyed reading your composition. Congratulations!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » an admirable person