10 January 2018

The Manager
The Ledbury
127 Ledbury Rd, London W11 2AQ, UK

Dear Sir,

            I am writing to complain about the disrespectful behavior your staff had with me and my friends. When I called at your restaurant I asked for a table for seven people and they told me that my reservation has been registered, but when we arrived at the restaurant, they told us they don't have any reservation on my name. Finally, they found us a free table, and when they brought us our food,      in a friend's plate was a lot of pepper, even if he specified that he is allergic.
           The waiter started to argue with us, saying that we did not said anything about pepper and that it was not his fault but ours.
           When i asked for the check, I noticed that it was with twenty dollars more, so I asked again for the waiter. he told us that this is the least we could do, to give him e bigger tip, after all the scandal we provoked.
           As the manager of the restaurant, I hope you will improve the situation with your staff, because nobody will ever want to pay to be treated like this!


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