Dear Mr. Principal,
   I am writing to you with great interest, having the intention of asking you some information about the high school that you run. I would love to study there because I heard that your high school prepares students very well, especially on the sciences, and that it has renowned professors, something that you could confirm yourself to me. Simultaneously, I believe that I would not disappoint you and I could rise to the level your prestigious high school.
   Firstly, I would be interested in knowing the necessary acts both for enrolling in your high school and those required for enrolling in the campus. Therefore, please give me some details about the campus, such as the program, the food, the distance to the high school, the fee to be paid.
   Secondly, I would also like to ask if scholarships are awarded to students with very good grades, and if the answer is yes, I would like you to tell me what the sum is and what conditions must be met in order to receive the scholarship. I am curious about this because I want to have the best grades and also I would very well get a scholarship.
   All things considered, I look forward to your response. The information you will give me about enrollment, scholarship and campus will be very useful to me.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Yours faithfully, Sweetie57