The word idol it little said when ...... comes word about Carla's Dreams. Everything started with 4 year... ago when the song P.O.H.U.I appeared. The strangest thing was that i believe that Carla's is ... girl but, in finally i realized that .... is a boy. Three years later it appeared Eroina song. Everyone arround me .... singing it. I adored it, i singed it too at school days. I liked more and more this musical project. New songs followed and after a few months I went to my first concert Carla's Dreams. After that concert I became obsessed. I bought clothes with their logo and songs names, I joined in ... groups on facebook where I met important people even if don't talk to... much with them because .... is an age difference between we. In 2017, I really wanted to meet them but i had the biggest bad luck. The first concert in Iasi of 2017 was in Faraon club but I didn't .... to meet them. I hoped the second time in June at Tiki Village but I gave it again in the bar. After a few days followed again a concert at Afterhills but, in day when had to sing Carla's a storm started and has canceled everything :((. in summer, I and my family had to go at ...... sea..... on the 15th because my favorit... band sing in  Princess club from Mamaia on the 17th but due to some family's problem I got there on ... 19th :((((((. My last change was in October. I was in first row and when they joined in stage I jumped the   fence :))). After ....... concert I waited 20 minutes in backstage. I was sure that I .... meet them but ......... wasn't like that. When they came out, ........... passed beside my shoulder and left :((. One week I was so upset
     and I came to cry of anything. As I was in depression. I'm ok new because .... know that the hope dies the last and I will love always CARLA'S DREAMS <3 .

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