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Rich or Poor.

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I find rich people and poor people to be the same because money and  look... don t matter. Only the inside matters. The inside  makes a person. But I might  to add that I ve had not  so pleasant experiences with both rich and poor people.
                   Rich people have some kind of arrogance because they think .... obvious everything just bacause they have money. This type of behaviour really bothers me . And also some  poor people are very false. They pretend to be this way just to get attention and free stuf .
                   I think that rich and poor people aren t a good value of society but ..... are people theless so we have to live with them.

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what? i'm sorry, but what? i'm not talking about grammar or anything, the composition itself is too short! you didn't say anything, you could give examples, you could adopt another idea that can help you explain more on this subject. believe me, even though your username says it all, you can just try! i believe in you and i know you can do better as long as you have a lot of things you can say!
i think it's pretty sad to have a comment that's longer than your creation :(


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » Rich or Poor.