Dear mister Brown,

   I am writing this letter to complain for the unacceptable service that i have recently received at your restaurant on the 14th of October this year.
   First of all, although everything seemed fine at the beginning, the staff turned out to be very rude. Our waiter made us wait 30 minutes before bringing us the menus, and when I asked him why it took so long he started telling us that he has a lot of costumers and that we are not the center of the universe.
   We waited without any further complains another hour before receiving our food, but one of my friends didn't get what she ordered. She asked him to get her what she ordered instead; the waiter was visible irritated and he said that we think he doesn't have anything better to do but took the food back anyway. He got her what she ordered half an hour later. The food was cold but at this point we didn't bother to complain anymore.
   Second of all, the place wasn't nearly as clean as we hoped it would be. You could see fingerprints on each and every single one of the glasses; in fact, all of the dishes were dirty, and the floor was almost disgusting.
   I would like you to fix these problems, otherwise no one will ever come here a second time (we certainly will not).
   With all the respect, Rhaenys.10AC

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