Religion represents a way of expressing a certain belief, may it be in one God, Allah, Buddha or a group of gods. Religion[te repeti] is the most controversial subject to discuss nowadays, when people are no longer judged by their religion and each of us is free to believe in something, or in nothing (atheism).
Our families have a certain religion and we automatically follow the same code they do; but what if, after many years, we discover that our family’s religion does not represent us? Then, I believe that we should be free to choose our religion.
          Firstly, each of us has the right to express his/hers opinion/beliefs so. Consequently, we should be free to believe in anything we want, as long as each individual has its own way of thinking. It is unfair to impose .... someone your beliefs only because he/she is your child/grandchild and you strongly believe that you have to spread your religion.
          Secondly, if we have a certain religion and we do not agree with its rules and beliefs, you should change it with something that makes you feel comfortable, forced, etc. Religion is not something that should be imposed to you and it shouldn’t make you feel bad or weird just because it does not represent you. Religion has to bring you inner peace, joy and happiness.
          It is true that you may be harshly judged for it and may as well face rejection from family or from the society that you live in only for the fact that you “trade” the religion, but that should not influence your choice and make you feel “stuck” with some beliefs that you constantly doubt.
          In conclusion, in order to completely feel themselves, people should change the religion they were born with, with one that suits their personality and way of thinking.

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