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My first day of highschool,

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My first day of highschool,it was a sunny day. It was a bad day. You ask why?! Because I did t sleep a lot and I was very tired.. I woke up e up late and I  delayed.  I had a irritation on my face since summer because of the sun. It was a thing that expanded until my eyes and I was looking like I have been hitten.. so it wasn t the best day of my life. Because I had sleept just 3 hours I didn t went with my classmates and I went in the clssroom and I fall asleep..
         I woke up in my dask with a new deskmate named Miruna. At the first sight she seemd  lovely but I was expecting to be a boy. But it s ok like that. In this time we have met each other but Ralux comed... and Miruna didn t come back 
            So. In the end my first day of highschool wasn t very good and all my classmates thought that I hate... them because I was looking very mean and rude because of my irritation on my face...

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Maybe you can try to change your routine and to leave the comfort zone, it could be good for you, just saying. Like you, I did't sleep mush time because school..it's not ok, I know, but I try to sleep 6-7 hours and not to lose the night. If Miruna make you feel good, why you don't go and talk with her? And about the last phrase..not everybody hates you and maybe is somebody hear, in the back, unseen by you or others who really likes your face and you..if you say in every moment "Thay hate me because my face" is normal what happens. But if you say the opposite and you really believe it, will see, your life will be better



You should calm down because the first day of school is not that important anyway and people forget easily things.



Actually I believe that You broke some of logical rules. First of all, we don't know who is Ralux, then your composition is missing details and other stuffs that maybe  it would help us to understand the story line. Don't judge me, I need to do my 10 comments as homework and you were chosen truly random.



It's all right. they will forget these kind of things and everything will be fine. I can say that it was really funny because alll of this started from an irritation. Things like this happen to everyone an you should not be ashamed.

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You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Life lessons » My first day of highschool,