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Dear diary,

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Dear diary,
                Today  I have a shitty day! You ask why?! I think doesn t matter.  It s just a bad day. I will have many days like this! It s about my family! Today we all quarreled! I know, sounds bad and strange in the same time! It is! In this morning my mom come to me, in my room with her angry face and she told me on annoying voice:,,it s  so late, you have to run to school because i don t drive you by car. Sorry .. and when you come from to school you have to clean up this house including your room, it s misery hier! And..your grandmother comes today and she sleep in you room and you sleep in the living room on sofa!,,  So everything goes well ..  I put my head in the pillow and i fall asleep for 5 min , my mom comes to me again and she screaming at me because i fell asleep.  And this is my mom! It s lovely, no?..  It was a good morning for now. At school I took a 3 at geography, in test and my supervisor found my absence and she called my mom.. GREAT!  my day it s just better now.. At home my grandmutti waiting me and she kissed me with so mach saliva, YACCC!Sorry, I must go to vomit!  She brought me her special cake, JUST FOR ME! OK , NOW, CLEAR I HATE THIS DAY!!
My brother comes home and he is so irritable and nervous, he screamed at me because i stole his pillow and he doesn t sleep better last night.
I started doing clean and my grandmutti start to scream at me because i m doing nois and haos.
My dad calls me and he told me that today we do not see each other because he has to work a lot.  Ok , this day is just the worst i ever had!
I go to the woods because there I calm down.. I listen my favorite and depresive band , luna amara and I start crying and I scream loudly!  In conclusion I realised my whole family knows just to scream even me!!!
With love,
Nu sunt elev constiincios.



Oh my dear, loving, caring Lord!! You're really going through some stuff, BUT you have 0 excuse to cuss, or to write that grammatically incorrect!! I mean I'm sorry I'm too harsh but, I sincerely hope you were kidding while writing this, because it's kinda exaggerated and your name could be just a joke you are continuing while writing :)) So personally, I forgive you, and the funny part is that @teachovi hasn't seen this yet, or if he has, he might have just given up...



Nice story. Love your imaginetion. But, a better band to listen to is My Chemical Romance. They are a band from America (unfortunately, they broke up in 2013, but thier art lives on) and they have a lot of depressive songs and are amazing. Back to your story: over all, as a plot, it was good 👍



Isn't this interesting. There's nothing like a bad day. There will be some more days like this in your future, but how bad? That's up to you. If you have trouble waking up early you should get to bed early so you don't have troubles in the morning. And also I think that you should learn how to organise your time better, so your grades would improve. And in my case, in time I learned how to deal with my frustration and pain silently: bathroom, earphones and (optional) silent crying. Good luck!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Wonderful » Dear diary,