Opinions about people can be formed in different ways. You can hear from your classmate about someone that is mean without having any bond with him, and then when you meet him, you can complettly change your mind and think that he is a really sweet person. Usually people form their opinions based on someone else's opinion. And we think stuff about humans that can not be true. That's why you have to know a person to have an opinion about her. In my first day of school, in first grade, I was supposed to be deskmate with a guy. His name was Mihnea. I heared from everyone that he is a terrible person. And I didn't want to have anytime bond with him. I talked with the teacher, but he didn't help me. Meanwhile I figured out that he is a really nice boy. He helped me whenever I needed and we are still friends, at the same school. Now, I am so greatfull for this friendship and that I had given him a second chance.

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