Dear Sir,

I am writing you to complain of the poor service offered by your courier service. A week ago I send through your company a product of mine to service. I made a complaint also to the company who occupied of the repair.
This product is a printer with a ink tank. I have it for nearly a year. It does not worked properly in the last time and it was in warranty. Therefore I contacted the company who is responsible for service. They took care of the transport. My printer had the ink tank almost full, but they said that is not a problem during the transport. I send it with confidence and after a week I get it back repaird, but dirty of ink. Approximately a half of the ink was spread out all over the printer. I mussed clean it before to use it again.
That is unacceptable! On the printer’s box said “Fragile”. I do not know what “Fragile” means to your company, but my printer showed that you do not understand that word. I admit that could be a mistake, but who was gone pay me the lost ink. In the future your employes muss be more carefull with the goods of their customers. I tell you again that is unacceptable and I hope this is the first and the last time when I collaborate with your company.

Yours faithfully,

Thomas Bing