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A person that nobody likes

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Im certainly not the only one who dislikes some people, and if I could talk about all the people I do not like, it would take a long time. For each person the reasons are many and different, but their personality which is not as same page as mine is the wall among us. Most of the time I prefer to avoid those people in order not to get into fights because of the mismatch.
The first person I remember at this moment is Andrei. I will describe him to you, so you can avoid him if you know him. When you look at his face, you realize that you do not have much to talk about with him except for school stuff. Long story short, he is a geek  and has the face of one: thin sunglasses and rectangular lenses, small eyes, large lips and pimples. His hair is cut in the 18th century probably at a barber shop on the corner. He is very tall and skinny, but his clothes are ugly and worn. I can say he is dress decently, but not suitably for the times we live and the places he frequents. That is what the boys image is looking without social life.
I could get over the physical appearance if his character was a very good one, but it is not. He is annoying because he engage in discussions that do not concern him, and besides, he feels the need to comment without knowing what it is. So he does the same with some people: he talks about them and with them without knowing them. Another unbearable thing that turns into an embarrassment is that he screams if he wants to attract attention and worsen arguments in which he raises the voice. It happens to offend people very often, with teachers or adults in general. One thing that, in my opinion, is bad taste is the way he hits on girls: the incontestable message on facebook. Honestly, I think he wants a relationship just for the sake of having one because he does not care who he is together with, its important for him to be in a relationship and so without the feelings or the stuff  which love is based on.
When he was still part of our group (those who often go out in the city) and we wanted to do something together, he came up with the worst, boring and uninspired ideas. At school he is very smart but in vain because he is twice as bad when it comes to things in general and Im sure he will not succeed in life.
Some insults and some bad ideas had also targeted me, and for this reason I chose to avoid Andrei. I think that by his behavior he wants to be what he is not, but he would want to be.

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I like your composition but I don't like Andrei. He must learn how to talk with girls, and you are very right at your point "That is what the boys image is ....... without social life." and all you said there :))) I thought I am only person that hate people like Andrei. Andrei must change and I think he is this tipe of "mothers boy" and probably this is the reason of his failure *just my oppinion*



I hate people without social life! Andrei must go at a psychiatrist. He doesn't know how to carry with a girl, maybe he had a social drama because he is a depressive teenager.



I think he is like this because he needs some support. He needs friends and he definitely needs a girlfriend, but I think that because he is so good at school, he forgot to learn how to socialize and I know someone like this too. It's really annoying sometimes to be his joke's victim and most of the times it's very weird but I don't think that having an attitude could help him. He needs friends, he needs some advice too so we should at least try, to be friends with him. Hate is not the option!


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unpleasant » A person that nobody likes