Dear diary,
I had an unusual day, I started to love an unknown person, but that unknown person I met him in that night.
The stranger is a girl from the student hostel. I started to talk with her one night, but the problem was that we had never talked until that day and the first conversation with a girl is always strange.
We started to talk at 11 pm. After we had spoken an hour I realized we were about the same person. I didn't know what had happened to me, but I started to feel something about her. We spoke until 6 am, after which I slept an hour because I had school that day. After school I met her at student hostel's canteen. We talked face to face and we got to know each other better. In the evening she asked me to come down to the ground floor so she can tell me something. When I arrived she asked me to go with her outside. She calmed down a little and she told me she had loved me and she kissed me. In that moment I said in my mind what had happened here. I loved her but I didn't have courage to say that, but she made the problem more simple.
Life is strange, but beautiful.

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