Dear Mr. Principal,
I would like to apply for the educational offer of Notre-Dame International High School. I consider that the school's purpose, giving students the opportunity to build their confidence in their own capacities, social consciousness, leadership abilities and creativity through the study program and the many proposed activities, all coincides with my goals.
Firstly, I think NDIHS is the best place to develop my skills which ensure useful knowledge for my future. I believe that through your school I will have the wonderful opportunity to make friends with students from all over the world and because of my sociable nature I will be able to integrate myself very quickly. I am encouraged to apply especially because  the NDIHS program is based on an American curriculum , for strong Science (that include brand new science labs), Mathematics, English, Arts , Foreign Language course offerings and for modernized school libraries. I think that NDIHS encourages the practical application of academic and cultural understanding and promotes the students's critical, analytical, and technical skills .
Secondly, I am a conscientious student with very good results at school, with outstanding outcomes for involvement in extracurricular and volunteer activities. I've been involved in volunteer fundraising activities to help students out of disadvantaged environments, and Iím happy because the activities that I have been able to do in my country, can be continued with your high school offer. However I would like to ask about more detailed information to be completely sure about all the aspects I am interested in: the school tax for exemple. What kind of  extra costs should an ordinary student of NDHS expect?
My application depends  on financial aspect, that is why I please to answer my questions. Thank you for having time to read my email and I look forward to hearing from you.

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