To: Stuart Bale, Head of High School
From: Thomas Bings
Sub: Inquiries
Date: 26th July 2016

Dear Mr. Bale,

Next year I will attend to high school. I have taken serious interest in this and I have searched for a fitted high school for me. This way I have found your institution and it captivates my attention. Therefore, I have some questions in order to make my decision.
I am from Germany, but me and my family will move to .... UK next year. My parents made all the arrangements for this to be legal. Do You believe that I can applied for your high school? I have the Cambridge English: First Certificate and I have learned so that in future to give my Advanced Cambridge exam. Also, I saw that you have an internee. If you donít mind, could you give some details about it?
Also I have read your description and I would like to know more about the special classes and the after-school activities.
I would be grateful if you could tell me if the school have a astronomy club and if I can come with my telescope to the internee? I am passionate in this part of science and I am really interested in finding out also if schools have  interest in this way.
I have a last question: in your school it teaches german[este germana predata?] or if exist a possibility to do that? I still want to learn my mother tongue. 

I hope you will consider my request and send me the details at the earliest.

Yours sincerely,
Thomas Bings

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