A few weeks ago I participated in the qualifying ...... for the European Youth Championship ...... [la ce disciplina?]. We've trained hard. Being a larger category and ..... ...... other contestants, we had to integrate something new in our dance from the technical point of view as well as in the choreographies. We train... about 10 hours a day with a 2-hour break. The trainings were quite demanding both physically and mentally. Every night I had my swollen legs, my headaches, my aching muscles, but I would not have endured all that if I did not like... what I was doing. Everything is for pleasure; even when the coach screams at you and makes you all sorts of ways, I feel good. I'm joking. Finally[A....], let's get over ..... .
  The day of the contest came. We were really ready. We set up and went to the hall where the contest was held. There we had to wait another 3 hours because of the program that had faded away. However, three hours have passed very quickly. We dressed with the gown respecting the body, we warmed up a bit and got into the dance floor. The dance was very good. We felt great until the coach came and announced that we took 3rd place when we actually had to take the 1st place. We started to plan instantly. My first reaction was to kidnap my mother crying. The enthusiasm came to us and told us not to enter the prize, in the form of a protest against the magaria made by the 9 referees and the organizer of the contest. It was a shock for all of us.
  in this tragic event I learned that a man can not be trusted to the end and can not tell the truth, not interested in what will follow ...

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