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I started dancing at the age of seven. When I first came to the club where I grew up and at this time, I became friends with a girl of the same age with me, beautiful, intelligent and talented ... dancing. We spent most of our time together and with time we created a very strong friendship. We were telling [trecut simplu] ...... ......[unul altuia] all the problems, we were helping each other. We felt really good. I was like sisters.
    Friendship resisted until a girl from the club came to us and asked if she could stay with us. And this question has begun. My best friend started to spend more time with the "new" girl, they laughed together and I stayed next door. We still talked to her about our friendship but she still repeats: A friendship in three does not resist. And since then I've been locked up to her. I'm not interested anymore. I understand people can be bad.
But now I've learned to make good choices for the people I love with so I can not treat him as my best friend ...
I honestly seemed sorry and suffered after this friendship, but I could not change anything.

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Hello, stranger! Here is another stranger. I need to tell you something about what you wrote here. Firstly, a friendship is hard to maintain: there will always be hard times, conflicts, misleadings, but that should not destroy the bond. A good friendship can resist through time all of the hurdles. Secondly, I don't believe that a friendship in three does not exist. An another person could only bring more fun. The problem is the way the old friends react: if one of them decides to focus only on the new person, the another one should try to reintegrate. A friendship can be sometimes a battle only if you care enough. You should never let go of someone you truly care about. All my best wishes, the another stranger  :D


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Problems » MY OPINION ON SOMEBODY