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idk,it's just a dream :(

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It's an unusual day here on Earth.
I was in the park, along with my best friend, telling about our secrets. I told him what we got in his heart, but he suddenly shocked me! He said he was actually an alien and he was coming from Saturn. Once, telling me that, he took me on his parents' ship. It was the biggest UFO I've ever seen in my life, though I've never seen another. I asked him what "UFO" actually means, and he told me that "O" comes from "Object", "Z" from "Zburator", and " N '' from '' Unidentified '' so it means '' Fuzzy Unidentified Object ''. "He took me to the planet he was living on, Saturn, where it was fascinating. they kept in a very little bag without a bottom. My friend had a small and purple face, two small eyes like two emerald beads, and instead of his ears there were two small and funny antennas on his head that could hear even the smallest The flowers were orange, the blue grass, the purple sky, the pink sun, and the moon was green. What I was afraid of my boyfriend is that she had, besides the two eyes in front, a yellow eye behind her, hidden in his red and crooked The greatest part of this visit is that even on Saturn's rings is the largest amusement park called

"Have fun until I'm not you can. "Even when I wanted to get into the car, I heard in a clear voice a voice that says:

"- Wake up sleepy! It's time to go to school!"

I wake up from my crazy dream, staying as if I had learned that I got a little note.



Hello, stranger! Wow! That seems to be a fascinating dream. I don't have dreams like this. I am the kind of person who only has stupid dreams like the one in which a camel wanted to kiss me or the one in which I travel the world in a tram car. I guess my imagination likes to have fun of me. I once dreamed I was in a video game with zombies. Imagine how scared I was when I woke up. Well, I guess dreams define us somehow. I hope you will have many more beautiful dreams to write about.  :writing:



I suppose that our dreams are the proof of our rich imagination. Unfortunately, we usually wake up at the most important moments.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » idk,it's just a dream :(