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in the mountains

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In the mountains

     In January, I left with my family in the mountains. After a long journey, I was finished. The big flakes of cotton wool. The mountains were covered with a white and shining snow cloak. She slides quickly downwards. The gray clouds hide the sun that was coming out from time to time. I was fascinated and I was just waiting to enjoy it all.

     . After we stayed at a cottage we went on a hike. We were walking hard through the snow. During the hike we saw many animals. When we got near the destination I saw a wounded deer lying on the cold snow. Our luck was that my dad is a veterinarian. While my mother called the rescuers, my father bandaged her. Salvamontists assured us that the poor deer would be fine.
We continued our happy hiking that we could help.



Hello, dear stranger! How nice is it to read such a story. Animals are part of us, part of life and we should always try to protect them and to let them to live as happily and freely as they could and with no harm. Hiking is one of the activities that could bring a lot of pleasure to people. Mother Nature shows us her beauty everyday, but when you do this kind of activity it becomes more clearly what Mother Nature has on her beautiful forests. Keep on writing!  :writing:  :yep:


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » in the mountains