Dear Diary,

  Today I thought to make you a little presentation of my best friend.
I do not know what to start with. Besides being aware of me, I will make a little physical characterization: It is tall, black and ... black eyes. He is very weak despite eating more than me. This is his physical portrait.
His moral portrait is more complex: He is a trusted, ambitious, funny, seriously, proudly, and when he's upset .... somebody, .... still has the tendency to keep anger. Anyway, it's pretty good, considering that he's defending all that is in the anangy, he is respectful and has not yet violated school rules and not only. the day I got into trouble, as a good friend, ... took my defense knowing I was guilty. He's my friend for good and for bad. That's why I have the most beautiful memories I have with him.

pentru fiecare trasatura de caracter ar trebui sa dai explicatii, exemple, situatii lamuritoare

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