It was a summer day, and with my cousin, we decided to go to a theater play.
When we got to the theater, a lady gave us the tickets and told us to go to our places. Before I started the show, I went to the main ACTRESS's cabin, because I admired her very much the work she was doing on each play.
When the theater was about to begin, a gentleman stepped on the stage and announced that the show was canceled because the main ACTRESS's costume was stolen.
I was scared when two people came to me immediately and asked .... to follow them to the MANAGER’soffice. With small steps and uncertainties I headed for the office at the end of the hall, I burst in ..... the office door because I did not know what was going to happen. When I entered the office, the MANAGER said he wanted to call my parents because he was sure I .... stole... the costume , being the only person to enter the cabin of the main ACTRESS ........[Din fericire,] When I wanted to get my phone out of my pocket, the protagonist entered the office,AND HE SAID ...... found his suit and did not have to say that he was stolen even though he had not sought it.
Hearing this, the MANAGER apologized for improperly accusing me and told me that I could go back to the room because the show would start right away.

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