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Long distance relationships

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Many couples face the distance at a certain point in their relathionship and they have to make the decision whether to stay togheter or not in this situation. I believe that people should not be involved in long distance relationships for a number of reasons.
     Firstly, physical contact has an important role in the emotional connections between romantic partners. Holding hands or hugging each other creates a positive connection that helps them reach happiness and comfort. Distance does not allow this type of approach, so the parteners will never feel the full experience of the relationship.
     Secondly, a long distance relationship does not allow one to fully appreciate the feelings and the moods of their partner. It is very easy to pretend that you are in love with your half by phone or virtually due to the habit or the fear of not hurting the other, even if that feeling has gone a long way.
     Admittedly, the advanced technology of today allows fast and effective communication of parteners involved in distance relationships. However, there is no stronger relationship than the authentic one, in which people have daily eye to eye contact.
     In conclusion, while technology provides multiple communications channels and can also help relationships by including parteners in each other's lives, people should share their emotions and feelings through the good old-fashioned face to face meetings.  :flag:

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:love: I think that your arguments are very solid and I agree that the very important thing in a relationship is emotional connections between partners. Also, I do not agree with distance relationships because the partners can`t offer love to each other, no matter how advanced would be the technology. I like how you supported your opinion. Congratulation!

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You have a very well-sustained opinion. Maybe I am not so old-fashion, but I agree with you when you say that long distance relationship dont last if they dont have also a emotional, face-to-face base.



You have an extremely well-argued oppinion with which I mostly agree with. Just as you do, I believe in the importance of phisical contact and moreover , in the importance of looking your partner straight in the eye. Nowadays , it has become easier for people to evoid their true feelings and emotions via internet and this is a metter that has been getting out of control lately. However , I have seen long -distance relationships survive and evolve into marriges...Therefore,yes, i agree that this kind of relationships aren't ideal, though more& more people are confrunting with them and happily surving the challenge.


You are here » Teacherovi's English Forum » Unusual » Long distance relationships